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То бишь "Приют Переводчика". Тема для обсуждения переводов:
1) Проекта "Неоцен" на иностранные (от английского и немецкого до монгольского и квэньи) языки.
2) Иностранных проектов и книг соответственно на русский.
3) Обогащение лексикона сочными испанскими ругательствами и проч.
Всех Михаилов Лозинских и Даниэлей Штайнов от биологии ласкаво просимо.

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Прильнувший к микроскопу

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Another cyanobacterium:

Anabaena schizolemnae
Order Nostocales
Family Nostocaceae
Habitat: fresh waters of the North Hemisphere in cold climate zones, a symbiont of Schizolemna anabaenophila
During the whole history of life on the Earth, cyanobacteria repeatedly entered into symbiosis with various plants. Receiving “shelter” from the plant, they provided it with nitrogen which they fixed from the environment. Some species of such symbionts, particularly of Anabaena genus, inhabited tissues of aquatic plants, e. g. Azolla fern and angiosperms duckweeds (Lemna). Their descendants in neocene have evolved and changed according to the changes in the structure and life style of their hosts – the duckweeds.
Anabaena schizolemnae has undergone significant morphological changes. It has two morphologically different stages: a free stage living in water and a symbiotic stage living in the tissues of Schizolemna, a duckweed.
The free-living stage appears as long filaments composed of green barrel-shaped cells, alternating with large spherical yellowish heterocysts – this appearance is characteristic of ancestral and related forms. And the symbiotic stage appears as a heterocyst about 10 μm in diameter with two blue-green photosynthetic vegetative cells on the sides. These cells are 1.5 times smaller than the heterocyst, and provide its development. Such structure allows A. schizolemnae to provide the plant with nitrogen (fixed by heterocysts) at a maximum efficiency with keeping its own photosynthesis. A large number of such three-cell symbionts accumulates in the duckweed’s tissues, and the compactness allows to distribute more uniformly, giving the Schizolemna’s symbiotic tissues a brownish-green color. During vegetative reproduction of the host plant by fission of the leaflet, the symbiont’s cells distribute in it equally enough. In the Schizolemna’s growth process, the vegetative cells of A. schizolemnae divide to form new undifferentiated cells outside of the heterocyst. When their number in a chain reaches three, they secede and differentiate into a heterocyst and vegetative cells. Undifferentiated cells of A. schizolemnae penetrate even the ovules of the duckweed, and in rare cases of seed reproduction of the host plant, the seedlings already bear the symbiont in their tissues. In the fall, the duckweed plants stop the photosynthesis, accumulate starch and submerge into the water to winter there. In these conditions, A. schizolemnae forms spores that can winter in the duckweed’s tissues.
The free stage forms only when the symbionts for any reason fall out of the duckweed’s leaflet into the water. They cannot enter the organism of the same or another duckweed again, but instead they divide to restore filamentous structure, and live independently. Since such situation is quite rare, A. schizolemnae is almost absent in water blooms.

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Прильнувший к микроскопу

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And now, only one species of animalcularium remains! Will come soon!

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Замечания: Флуд, ругань, хамство
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Plus 1000

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Прильнувший к микроскопу

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