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Hello all! Its been awhile since I've been on the forum, I had just started a new job and fear I might be ill. Either way, I've been thinking a lot about Neocene ideas recently and wanted to get back to some of my creatures. In particular I wanted to discuss one of my old ideas: the Verdugo, the Falx Toothed Cat of North and Central America!

I had mentioned this creature before in the "Neocene Florida Expanded" thread, and I have done a bit of work on it recently. The idea for this creature came from my research into Ice Age Megafauna and saber toothed cats of the Homotheri tribe. These cats, also called "Scimitar toothed cats", were very successful in the Pleistocene and one genus, Homotherium was believed to be an active predator of young Mammoths and Mastodons. Another called Xenosmilus or the "Cookie Cutter Cat" is famous for its mouth of highly serrated teeth and build, which was somewhat in between that of the Scimitar tooths (like Homotherium) and the Dirk tooths (like Smilodon). I've done research on all of the fauna and climate of Neocene North America, including predators and believe that one of my creatures, Rhomphaiadon Verdugo could be a good fit.

The Verdugo (Rhomphaiadon Verdugo)
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Hi and welcome back!
Although, the topic you've started is too narrow, I would widen it deleting exact species, since it is not dedicated to a single species.
Also, I've hidden the long text of the description. Click the blue link "Скрытый текст" ("Hidden text") to expand it.
Verdugo is OK, I rush to add it to the catalogue.

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